Thatched Home Insurance

By their very nature thatched homes are difficult to insure and most insurance companies will not offer a quotation.

It’s hard to resist the charm of a thatched home, with exposed timbers and cosy fireplace, in the countryside. Even when a thatched roof is incorporated into a newer build, there has certainly been a revival in the popularity of thatched homes in recent years. Thatched homes are a historical throwback to 19th century rural England. It’s important to preserve the traditional characteristics of period homes, but thatched home insurance is notoriously frustrating to obtain due to the perceived fire risk and therefore higher premiums.

Standard home insurance will not cover properties with thatched homes. Furthermore, some non-specialist companies who will insure a thatched home may end up quoting you excessive premiums if they lack the background and experience.

As an experienced insurance broker, Bond Lovis have the expertise and capability to find you the most cost-efficient solution for your thatched home insurance.

Not only can we obtain the most economical quotation but we can advise you on preventive measures to make a fire less likely. This can be the use of safe heating methods, good chimney maintenance, spark arrestors, good maintenance of electrics, use of smoke detectors and avoiding bonfires around the house.

There aren’t any official statistics regarding the number of thatched homes in the UK, but there are estimated to be around 50,000 - 60,000 thatched homes. Many of which are listed buildings, celebrating the property’s historical and national significance. Listed thatched buildings, especially in the case of residential homes, are most commonly Grade II. If you own a listed thatched home, you may already realise the difficulty of altering the property’s architectural characteristics in any way, even after an unforeseen situation in which you will have to pay to re-thatch the roof according to the strict guidelines.

Two of the most common claims for thatched homes include damage caused by fire and rodents. Thatched homes can attract rodents such as rats, mice and even squirrels due to the organic materials used for the thatch. Dealing with fire damage could be three times more expensive, than it would be for your average non-thatched home. This only serves to emphasise how vital it is to properly insure your most valuable asset, to financially protect yourself in the disastrous event of a fire, storm, or flood.

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